Freicha - A Beautiful Name

"Freicha- A Beautiful Name," explores the positive and unmentioned associations with the derogatory word, "Freicha" ("Bimbo"), through an intricate look at the women who face this stereotype. It delves deeply into what it means to be a woman, to be a worker, to be oriental, to be an immigrant, to live in the state of Israel and to wonder what it means to be a part of it. This performance is a collage of social-political poetry written by male and female creators wishing to give a voice to the peripheral populations in a complex state that asks women to be "pretty eyed and pretty looking". The women in this performance offer the society a new space, one that is multifaceted and houses several narratives, a space in which Israeli society is re-woven and sewed anew.

Lyrics: Vicki Shiran, Sami Shalom Shitrit, Yael Zadok, Almog Behar, Naftali Shem Tov, Miri Ben-Simhon, Esther Khanka Shkalim, Erez Biton, Mira Hevrony, Sigalit Banai

Concept and Dramaturgy: Sally Arkadash

Director and Dramaturgy: Hannah Vazana Grunwald

Actress and Creative Team: Sally Arkadash, Moriah Bashari-Lifshitz,

Avital Michel-Meyer, Eden Oliel

Actress: Racheli Pinchas, Irit Sopran, Zita Zinger

Set Design, Costume and Accessories: Yana Tziknovsky

Music: Itay Meiri

Lighting Design: Anni Ettedgi

Choreography: Tomer Tzirkilevich

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