Peacock of Silwan

 Winner of the Fringe Awards (Kipod Hazahav) Prize – Play of the year 2015.
Supporting actors awards to George Iskandar and Samira Saryah

Three thousand years since the Kingdom of David sat in the village of Silwan, a group of artists--Jewish and Arab, Israeli and Palestinian--tell various stories about its past.

Honorable Mention for Directing (Sinai Peter and Chen Alon) and Acting (Samira Saryah), Acre Festival 2012

Play by Alma Ganihar
Directed by Chen Alon & Sinai Peter
Music: Shosh Reisman
Set and costume design: Ashraf Hanna
Lighting: Amichai Elharar
Producer: Shahar Na'amaan
Featuring: Ortal Avnaim, George Iskander, Dori Engel, Rotem Levi-Vega, Roni Einav, Rima Jovara, Samira Saryah, Fabiana M'yuchas

Duration: 1 hr, 15 min


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