Days of the Tanzim

A new play by Ayman Agbaria
All the events in the play happen on one night, three friends meet at the balcony of the house: Younes who has just returned from abroad after a long absence; Moussa the candidate for the Local City Council; and Rajah, a religious woman who runs a business for money exchange. What they all have in common is that all three were founders of the political revolutionary new party "Tanzim".  Reminiscing on the good old times deconstructing whatever was left of it, or maybe of them.
In their meeting, connections and feelings of love, hate, greed and jealousy arise with anticipation of egoism and self-destruction clearly and threateningly rise and fall.In the background the Palestinian society is revealed as fragile and unprepared for any sort of a new "Naqba." Are we ready for it?

"The Days of the Tanzim" is a play on junctions in the world of politics, crime and money in the Palestinian society in Israel. The play examines with courage how this society turned from fertile earth of political movements in the seventies and eighties of the last century into a hothouse of organized crime and political and general corruption in our days.

Director: Yussef Abu Warda
Set Design: Ashraf Hanna
Light: Roie Dvir
Music: Wahl Abu Saloum
Assist. Director: Fatma Hatib
Cast: Makram J. Khoury; Yussef Abu Warda; Rauda Sliman
Production: Jaffa Theatre; Alsaraya Theatre
The play in Arabic with Hebrew translation
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