No Life without Culture

In the Theatre Courtyard!!!
Jaffa Theatre leads protest evenings because of the abandonment of theatre and culture.

 Despite police intervention and the fine, protest evenings continue.  Protest is about the abandonment of culture, because artists have no political power, they are not treated and culture is being pushed to the last stage of the closure. Since the beginning of the Corona Crisis the theatre held two online festivals: "The Yaffa Festival of Contemporary Arab Culture," performances and the "Festival of Children's Theatre" in Succot. When it was allowed in May we ran 20 performances in the Theatre Courtyard to an audience of 50. All the Theatre's actors numbered 80 and 10 technicians are in financial distress.  The actors and technicians of the theatre are freelancers and according to existing procedures are not entitled to unemployment benefits.  The performances we held we paid full salaries a small part of was covered by ticket sales that increased our deficit. We requested half a million Shekels as compensation due to Corona crisis from The Ministry of Culture they promised an immediate compensation from June which we still haven't received. We are asking to perform according to the restrictions of the Ministry of Health in our open space. There is no reason we are not allowed to perform when we keep the restrictions as requested. We can do it immediately!

We are seeking an outline for the resumption of cultural performances in all halls!!!

Tuesday 29/12 at 19:00 – Protest Evening of Playwrights
3 generations on one Stage:Yehoshua Sobol, Moti Lerner, Goren Agmon, Hadar Galron, Hannah Vazana Grunwald, Maya Arad Yasour, Aida Nasrallah, Shachar Pinkas, Gur Koren, Amir Peter.
Participants: Oded Kotler, Ant Barzili, Adam Gabai, Alon Dahan, Amir Peter, Amir Kreif, Eitai Chima, Ben Yosipovitch, Dov Reiser, David Shaul, Dudu Niv, Daniel Bartov, Carmel Natzer, Michal Weinber, Maayan Kilchovsky , Eden Uliel, Moria Beshari Lifshitz
*Viewing Protest Evening Click here

Tuesday, 8/12/20 - Evening of Protest Poems/Songs.
Participants:  Shlomi Shaban, Rivka Michaeli, Keren Mor, Menashe Noy, Yaron London, Norman Issa, Rouda Sliman, Dan Shapira, Raida Adon, Ruth Dolores Weiss, Esti Zakheim, Idit Teperson, Madi Ya'aron, Gabi Aldor, Noam Shuster Aliasi.
Moderator & editor: Prof. Nissim Kalderon
For viewing click here

Tuesday, 1/12/20 - Dance Protest
Participants: Yasmin Goddar, Tamar Kish, Renana Raz, Avigail Ruben & Yoav Bartal Ensemble Tozeret Bait, Nur Grably, Sahar Azimi, Shira Avitar, Galik Liss -Kchulot, Niv Sheinfeld, Oren Lior, Gilad Yerushalmy. 
Moderator: Sharon Bar-Lev, General Manager of the Choreographers NGO.
For viewing click here

Tuesday, 17/11/20 - Emergency gathering of the Revolt of Hearts
Participants: Yael Tal, Naama Redler, Anat JDrimer, Neta Wineri, Gadi Ronen, Daniel Ruben, Roni Brodetsky, Asif Shertok Dror, Shaked Mochiach, Ben Sarsky, Yonathan Blumenfeld, Tamara Hashimshoni.
Editing and Moderator: Yael Tal
for viewing click here

Protest evening, (shortly available for viewing)
Thursday, 12/11/20 – Evening of the work of Nathan Zach
Participants: Rivka Michaeli, Keren Mor, Menashe Noy, Chani Nachmias, Ibtisam Ma'arana, Lilian Berto, Shoham Smit, Ofry Israeli, Bat Ell , Yonit Shaked Golan, Ziwar Bahalul, Gabi Aldor, Rousa Sliman, Hadar Dadon, Ido Zelznik, Yoni Dror, Ashur Elkayam. Moderator: Prof. Nissim Kalderon
For viewing click here

Thursday, 5/11/20
Participants: Yossi Alfi, George Iskandar, Ziwar Bahalul, Nadav Bosem, Tamar Bar-Gil, Dana Dvorin, Hadar Dadon, Guy Demidov, Nimros Danishman, Dalik Wolinitz, Stav Waknin, "Ana Min El Yahud, " Idan Toledano, Smadar Yaaron, Adili Liberman, Tamir Leibowitz, Shlomi Frin, Rauda Sliman, Nom Shuster Eliayasi, Shaked Shneller, Kalanit Sharon.

Thursday, 29/10/20
Participants: Noam Eliasi Shuster, Classical Musicians Ensemble – "Play on Culture", Oded Kotler, Ilanit Swissa, Yair Dellal& Ziwar Bahalul, Sophie Zedaka, Galit Giat, Ensemble System Ali, Gabi Aldor, JEstei Zakhaiem, Rouda Sliman, Chna Vazana "Freichot," Menashe Noy, Raida Adon, Dori Engel, Sinai Peter, Actore of "Ana Min El Yehud" Bashir form the performance.



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