Women’s Festival 2021

Saturday, 3/ 6; Monday 3/8, Tuesday 3/9, 2021
Events presenting encounters of diverse faces of women’s existence
Saturday 6/3
18:00 – Three Times Divorced – Ibtisam Ma’arana’s filmdescribing the struggle of an Arab-Israeli Muslim in the court of the Sharia (Muslim) to get back custody of her children.
19:00The Field of Women’s Carnage – Panel on the murder of women moderated by Dr. Rula Hardel, with MK Aida Toma Suleiman, Ibtisam Ma'arana, film director. Free entrance.
20:00 – Opening Event: Participants: Amal Murkus, Fadua Balacha,
Madi Ya’aron, Galit Liss Dance Ensemble, Gabi Aldor, Nadav Bossem.
Monday 8/3
19:00 - Tirza Atar – Balad to a Woman - A show that opens a window into the world of a sensitive and unique poet full of humor and diversity.
Participants: Singer, creator Natan Slor – son of the poet, singer and actor Orit Peleg, actor Osnat Zibil, adaptations and piano Itai Oren. Performance Editor: Osnat Zibil.
20:30 - Sealed Lips – Women who escaped from the jaws of ISIS according to their evidence and information on the Yazidi disaster.
Concept and Directing: Nola Chilton.  Participants: Daniela Michaeli, Miki Mevurach, Chava Ortman, Shimon Mimran, and musicians Roi Zuaretz, and Itamar Borochov.
Tuesday 9/3
18:00 – “What Happens When it Doesn’t “- Lecture on female sexuality with sexologist Dr.  Idan Militzer.   Free entrance
19:00 - Maternity – A show that brings to the fore voices that were silenced for many years, mothers whose children were abducted from the beginning of the establishment of the state till the 50’s.
Director: Hanna Vazana Grunwald, actors and creators: Selly Arkadish, Eden Uliel, Moria Bishari-Lifshitz.
20:30 – Skirt here is Vertex-   A sweeping and kicking satirical cabaret that reveals the disturbing truth behind the moral contemporary and nostalgicchants. Created by Chen Lugassi, Keren Shefet and Adi Dror.
Exhibition: “Maternity: Testimony of the Mothers” The exhibition gives another perspective to the play 'Maternity' with pictures of mothers whose children were abducted in the case of abductions from Yemen the East and the Balkans.
The Exhibition “Maternity” will be on display throughout the Festival in the Foyer.
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