The 15th Jaffa Children’s Theatre Festival

3 Festival Days for All the Family Outdoors at the Theatre Square
Sunday, Monday & Tuesday September 26,27,28 2021
Jaffa Theatre, a Stage for Arab-Hebrew Culture, continues with the tradition and produces the 15th Jaffa Festival for Children and all the Family. The festival hosts performances in Hebrew, Arabic, bilingual, non-verbal and gibberish. All the plays are based on musical and visual elements which can be understood by all, no matter what language they speak.
In cooperation with Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality, Division of Culture & The Mishlama of Yaffo.
Support of the Ministry of Culture & Sports, Festival Division.
Artistic & General Management: Ravid Savil

Festival Program:
Shmulik the Porcupine
Sunday 26/9 at 10:00 a.m.
A bilingual play the story of a friendship that breaks the borders of languages between a boy and a porcupine. Based on a children's story by T. Carmi.
Director: Tom Volinitz
Actors; Moshiko Sasson & Gili Beit Halachmi
Designer: Shai Aharon
Music: Omri Dagan
Ages: 3-8; Length: 45 Min.
Produced by Jaffa Theatre & Elmina Theatre

Wild outdoor performance (or not)
Sunday 26/9 at 11:00 a.m.
Two lost gorillas try to find a quiet and safe corner and if possible also something tasty to eat. The electrified urban jungle is fraught with strange dangers and wonders.  A struggle with a local speaker that transmits messages and music, brings them to the understanding that art is the only way to survive.
Idea: Ilia Tsibolsky & Talia Reim
Director & Designer: Hanoch Reim
Gorillas: Ella Chardon & Talia Reim
Non-verbal; length: 40 Min.

Stories Out of Silence - A trilingual play
Sunday 26/9 at 12:15; Tuesday 28/9 at 14:15
A storyteller who can’t decide whether to speak in Hebrew or in Arabic, she meets a pantomimist and discovers inside his silence that she can tell the stories in both languages.
She tells a story that wanders between Hebrew and Arabic and between the words and the silence until finally - ShhShh  it’s not discovered.
Who would have believed that so many adventures are hidden within this silence.
Playwrite, director :  Hanoch Reim
Arabic translation:  Rania Tachan Saba
Translation consultant: Rauda Sliman
Storyteller: Rania Tachan Saba
Pantomime: Rafael Shachari
For ages: 4-7;  Length 50 Min.

The Wondorous World of Geeks
Sunday 26/9 at 13;15; Tuesday at 28/9 at 11:00 a.m.
Come join us to the entertaining world full of surprises of geeks.
A world that comically combines a variety of amazing acrobatic abilities.
The show starts on the ground and ends up in the air, so between heaven and earth you are invited to laugh together and miss a beat to cheer side by side at an excellent show!!!
Creators: Irit Charuvi & Yariv Solomon.
Performers: YarivSolomon & Noa Matalon
Costumes:Yasmin Volk
Artistic consultant: Ido Kagan
Free Entrance; Ages 3-103; non-verbal; Length 40 Min.

Guru Zuzu KIDS
All languages
Sunday 26/9 at 14:15
It all starts with wireless headphones and a microphone and one guru with a stunning sound.
A short warm-up and without your noticing you take off with us for an interactive experience of release and laughter.
We will wander, dance, sing, and will laugh ! We will get to know Jaffa with a new perspective and learn to fly together. Guru Zuzu Kids is a group of artists who love movement and music who have set themselves the goal of spreading release, playfulness and laughter.
The world is their playground and every human encounter is an opportunity to meet the good around us. Their expertise creates a positive connection between people.
Performance creator: David Nailor
Director & artistic director: Kfir Livne Amram
Stage Manager: Daniel Freidlin
Costume Designer: Rotem Barkai
Artists creators/movment/music:
Lipaz Ella, Carmel Shaked, Itamar Blotner, Kfir Livne Amram, Ron Razon, Daniel Freidlin
Ages 4 and up (for ages under 12 accompanied by a parent)
The Guru recommends: Arrive lightweight without bags bring a bottle of water, sunscreen and comfortable shoes for movement.

African Legend
Monday, 27/9 at 10:00 a.m.
An act with an African couple Umo and Amana. The lazy and cute Umo charms everyone and thinks he can get anything he craves without taking anyone into account. All the occupants in the jungle are captivated by his charm. But his wife is much smarter and decides to teach him a lesson once and for all. A story with two actresses and five African music puppets with audience participation.
Play & Directing: Miki Mevorach
Actresses: Muna Chava, Maisa Dow
Music: Daniel Cohen
Set Design & Costumes: Lital Reis

Non-verbal  bi-lingual
Tuesday, 28/9 at 10:00 a.m.
A musical performance for two!
After years of playing on big stages in Israel and around the world and a huge variety of percussion instruments such as the xylophone, marimba, cymbals and the triangle the Duo decided to return to their childhood and try to see what happens when playing on a pot, frying pan or salt shaker.
We will embark on a journey of rhythms and melodies full of humor and imagination in which the music tells us and reveals what will happen or what happened…..
Director: Dana Dvorin
Musicians and creators: Yehonatan Givoni & Lev Luptus
Set Designer & Costumes: Gil Li-Gur
Ages: 3-5; Length: 45 Min.

A Thousand and One Nights
Tuesday, 28/9 12:15
A selection of stories related by Shachrezade to save female lives in the kingdom. Physical theatre that combines music mixing Arab and Western motives. The end as befits great stories is one of reconciliation.
Director: Norman Issa
Adaptation: Igal Ezraty
Translation: Gaby Aldor
Music: Ala Abu Amara & Chen Zimbalista
Set Design: Uri Onn
Cast: Chantal Cohen, Evelyn Katcholin, Eden Shoshani, Racheli Pinchas,
Avi Golomb, Kfir Livneh - Amram, Eyal Selma
Ages: 6-106; Length 60 Min.

Premiere, Gibberish
Tuesday 28/9 at 13:15
A pair of clowns, Boom and Bola wander from city to city with a cart loaded with objects and a huge game board. They don’t say a word only for “Boom” and “Bola” but with the help of the objects in the cart and with a lot of soap and water, they create with the audience a rich language of color, shape and sound.
In another journey in the spur of a moment, using a lot of nonsense spirit we turn the street into a playground for big and small alike. In true hope and prayer that art will restore sanity.
After two years of social distancing, quarantine and war we wanted to start at the beginning to meet people in the street and make them smile from the heart. With the help of our bubble-art we know for 15 years that soap expands hearts and makes people happy from big to small.  We created a show that produces simple gameplay in front of the audience and they are welcome to join.
Whether in the explosion of the bubble “Boom” or in the creation of “Bola”
Director & creator: Lee Nachat Shalom
Acting: Lee Nachat Shalom, Tamara Kovalsky
Design & Costumes: Yasmin Volk
Objects & Stage: Boaz Nir Shalom
Original Music: Tamara Kovalsky
Producer: Bubling Inc.
Non-verbal for all the family
Length: 40 Min.

Thanks to
The Cultural Administration: Anat Gini, Irit Fogel, Sigal Davidyan
Tel Aviv-Yaffo Municipality, Department of Performances:
Shabi Mizrachi, Meital Forbat Ben-David, Coral Simchon
Mishlama Yaffo: Ziva Gabai Muhammad Karwan
Old Jaffa Development Company & Sites:
Yaron Klein, Lior Levy, Avi Yagil

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