Year Zero 1929

Based on Hillel Cohen's book “Tarpat” (1929 Jewish Calendar)
Year Zero in the Jewish-Arab Conflict (Keter, 2013)
 The play deals with the hostilities that took place in Palestine-Israel between the Jews and the Arabs in the second half of August 1929, known as “The Events of Tarpat,” which ended in 133 deaths on the Jewish side, 116 dead on the Arab side, and hundreds of wounded on both sides. For the first time, the events are presented on stage as they were reflected through the eyes of both sides - the Jews and the Arabs - as well as the British, who were present. The play makes use solely of testimonies of contemporary testimony given before the British Commission of Inquiry; testimonies given to Jewish agencies; Newspaper clippings, letters and memoirs. This created a mosaic of voices that together tell a story of mutual hostility and violence, but also of help and rescue that crossed national borders.
This creates a multiplicity of voices, enabling the creation of a kind of record - presenting different points of view on the same event, and drawing a complex, multi-dimensional image. The play does not deal with all the centers of violence, but only with Jerusalem. In this way it is possible to clearly follow the development of the events that began on Yom Kippur 1905 (September 23, 1928) in the conflict over a partition set up by Jewish worshipers near the Western Wall, which was intended to separate women and men.
In the following months, tensions between Jews and Arabs increased, to the point where several incidents led to the bloody outbreak of next summer. From the mosaic of voices, a narrative of a complex event was created, which gained slow momentum, reached a violent explosion, and subsided. The play also includes testimonies relating to the events that took place in May 2021 during Operation “Shomer Chomot” and indicating to the ever-current dimension of “Tarpat” events.

Play: Avner Ben-Amos
Director: Sinai Peter
Actors: Hava Ortman, Rauda Sliman, Daniel Bartov, Rabia Khoury
Set Design & Costumes: Daniel Mor
Music: Habib Shehadeh
Video-Art: Ya’ara Nirel
Lighting: Roey Dvir
Assistant Director: Jonathan Besson

The mosaic painting is inspired by artist's work David Wakstein (on exhibit at TA Museum)
Supported by:
The Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace 
Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts, Tel Aviv Municipality
Chaim Herzog Center for Middle-East Studies & Diplomacy, Ben-Gurion University
Moshe Dayan Center for Middle-Eastern & African Studies
Kellman Center for Jewish Education, Tel Aviv University
Mifal Hapayis Council for Culture & Arts 

regular: 95 ILS - 80 ILS
student/pensioner: 80 ILS - 65 ILS
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