Jaffa Theatre believes that theater is a powerful mechanism to mobilize social change and encourage dialogue. We believe in the possibility of equality and democracy, we invite you to join our circle of friends. Your support is essential to continue our work both in Israel and abroad. Please see the selection of projects you can choose from to support.

Support our work in the community:  We consider our work in the community of top priority we seek to bring theater with a social or a political message to peripheral communities. We bring theater to schools, youth centers, community centers and more. Following our productions and workshops, we facilitate discussions with the audiences and participants to ignite dialogue and further change.  

Support co-existence:  At Jaffa Theatre, “co-existence” is not just a word, but a practice. We believe in the necessity of multicultural and cross-cultural conversation. We partner with the local community, Jews and Arabs, veterans and new citizens, bringing theatre to all areas of the country and all communities. The theater serves as a model for creative collaboration between Arabs and Jews.

Support new productions:  Jaffa Theatre produces innovative and groundbreaking theatre on political and social subjects focusing on East Mediterranean cultures.  To quote Dr. Naftali Shem-Tov from the Literature, Arts and Linguistics department at the Open University, he says " the content the theatre deals with is “unsettling, innovative and exceptional." In order to continue moving forward in the constantly shifting climate of this country, we must continue to produce new work that reflects the change around us.


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