From the press

"A part of the Arab-Hebrew Theater's distinctiveness is the way the audience takes an active part in some of the plays…I was witness to a small miracle, of the kind you can only find in a real fringe theater."

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(Time Out – October 2003)

"…I've been walking around with this feeling of utopia, since I've seen a play in the Arab-Hebrew Theater…Everything that evening was perfect, and when it ended the audience clapped their hands with enthusiasm, and exited into ancient Jaffa like tourists. Whether that is good or bad, I feel at home."

(Time Out – march 2003)

About theatre
In ancient Jaffa, in a multi-arched building overlooking the sea, the Arab-Hebrew Theater creates a unique theatrical language using the building's challenging structure and Jaffa's rich fabric of life.

The theater consists of two theatrical groups that produce plays both together and apart in both Hebrew and Arabic. The "Local Theater" continues its thirteen-year artistic tradition of working with both Jewish and Arab artists. The Arab Al-Saraya Theater of Jaffa has brought together Arab artists since it was founded in 1998.

The Hebrew-Arab Theater is a "no-compromise", professional theater company that manages to create a one-of-a-kind style on a tight budget. The Theater is supported by the Tel-Aviv Municipality and the Israel Ministry of Culture, but without its own special spirit and the belief that this kind of different and unifying theater is a moral and artistic necessity, it would simply cease to exist as a home to so many brilliant theatrical artists.

The Repertoire

The Arab-Hebrew Theater is unique in the Israeli theatrical landscape in its social involvement and style. One of its plays "Lets Dance", received many awards in the Acre Theater Festival, was much acclaimed by the press and was a box-office success running for seven years – something that seldom happens in non-commercial Israeli theater. Other locally and internationally acclaimed and award-winning plays include: "Mister V", "The Lane of White Chairs" – awarded first prize in the Acre Theater Festival – "Clouded Moon", the children's play "Ach Ach Boom Trach", and "Longing" which was selected as the best Israeli fringe play of the year (2001-2002).

Two of our newer plays; the Hebrew "Of Fathers and Daughters" and the Arab "Memory" where invited to première at the Israel Festival in Jerusalem. The Polish government invited the theater to perform in the Silesia Dance and Theater Center. The theater also took part successfully in numerous international festivals in Europe.

The play "Emergency Landing" received the acting award at the International Theater Festival in Reeno, The Czech Republic.

The Theater and the Community

In the Hebrew-Arab Theater, "multi-cultural" is not just a phrase but a fact and an ideology. Our cultural involvement is involves cooperation with the people of Jaffa, developing theater attendance among a population heretofore excluded from frequenting Israeli theaters, including both Arab and other school children.

Festivals and Special Events

Cooperating with Arab and Hebrew women's groups, the theater held a three-day Hebrew-Arab Women's festival featuring theatrical and dance performances, and poetry readings. During the Passover vacation, the theater holds the Zebra Festival of Hebrew and Arab Children's Plays. The theater also conducts acting seminars for Jewish and Arab youth. It is a stage for Hebrew and Arab plays, poetry, and "world music", located right here, on our doorstep.