Perched above the Mediterranean in the heart of the old city of Jaffa, the Arab-Hebrew Theatre was created by a partnership between the Al-Saraya Theater, an Arab theater troupe, and The Local Theatre, a Jewish troupe. Together, the two companies work on independent projects as well as collaborative productions in both Hebrew and Arabic, drawing on the performances of Arab and Jewish artists. The Arab-Hebrew Theatre of Jaffa claims a unique social and cultural mission, reaching out to diverse audiences to promote greater cultural understanding between Arabic and Jewish communities both locally in Jaffa and across Israel.

From the press
"The Arab -Hebrew theater is an institute which is set to pursue its own unique way. It presents materials which enable a sensitive response,reflective and nonconfrentational The endearing spirit of innocence is the key to the special charm of the small theater in Jaffa, a place where the cruel reality is moved aside for a moment to make place for a sort of delicate dream of a reconciled and bubbling co - existence."
(Shay Bar Yaacov - Yediot Aharonot, May 2006)
"The sole isle of sanity in the Israeli theatrical landscape, a place where a true and deep dialogue between two cultures; Hebrew and Arab, takes place. This is not a fraudulent attempt to prove coexistence, but a true effort to create a stage of equality for the two cultures."
(Ofira Henig – HaAretz, May 2003)
Featured Play: Eyes
EYES Theatrical performance based on the poems by Mahmoud Darwish Directed by: Norman Issa, Music: Mira Awad
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