Farid El Atrash

A new Cabaret Musical about Farid El Atrash, starring renowned singer Ziv Yehezkel

Cabaret Yaffo presents the story of the life and romances of the famous Egyptian singer Farid El Atrash. From when he first started as a musician in the Cabaret of Madam Badia in Cairo, through his special connection with his sister Asmahan, a promising singer that died in her youth, and his breakthrough as a singer and a film actor, through his romances with the dancer Samia Gamal, Queen Nariman and the Israeli singer Maya Kazabianca and his expectancy that Oum Kalthoum would sing his songs.

The Musical Cabaret is accompanied with excerpts of original video clips with live singing of Farid El Atrash performed by Ziv Yehezkel, well-known for his performances of Egyptian singers in Israel, abroad and in Palestinian Authority.
  The show is in Hebrew, with songs in Arabic​.

Cast: Ziv Yehezkel, Rauda Sliman, Ziwar Bahlul, George Iskandar, Hadar Dadon.
Written & Directed: Igal Ezraty
Additional Texts: Adi Mor, Rauda Sliman
Dramaturg Consultancy: Eden Uliel, Alma Ganihar
Designer: Uri Onn
Costumes: Sandra Sacran
Lighting: Ziv Voloshin
Stage Manager: Zichrini Hatzor
Video editing & Stage Manager: Adel Amsis
Art Consultant: Gaby Aldor
Consultant and Marketing: Eli Grunfeld

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